Using AI and Acoustics to Detect Pests in Agriculture

Palmear combines big dataartificial intelligence and audio engineering to solve a major challenge affecting palm tree growers globally through the early detection of the Red Palm Weevil pest using acoustics.

Our platform enables palm tree growers to detect and map the Red Palm Weevil in real-time and provide palm health actionable data.


Detect and map the RPW


Detect, map, and count palm trees


Monitor palm tree health


Optimize the use of chemicals and pesticides

A Global Problem

Nearly 50 Million farmers’ livelihoods are affected by the Red Palm Weevil – Food & Agricultural Organization of the UN.

Precision Agriculture Through Acoustics

By determining the precise location and the early infestation of the Red Palm Weevil in palm trees, We enable the targeted use of chemicals and pesticides.


Palmear® is a real-time acoustic sensor and mobile app

Palmear is fundamentally changing the early detection of pests using acoustics.

Our device together with the mobile app is a powerful and easy to use tool that enables farmers to quickly detect the early onset of the Red Palm Weevil by listening inside a tree.

We help growers assess and optimize their pest response mechanisms by enabling the treatment of the precise tree before serious damage is inflicted.


Does not damage the stem

Portable & easy to use

Does not require an expert to use

Low cost

Affordable subscription model

Time efficient

Detects the RPW in seconds


Smart Palm Farming

Our platform is a real-time management tool that tracks RPW infestations at a farm and country level, allowing farmers and various stake holders to make informed data-driven decisions.

We analyze satellite imagery and train algorithms to provide palm tree health analytics to plantations around the world.

We bring the power of smart-farming to the palm industry